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We offer efficient and effective services that enhance the reliability of our good reputation, ensure good condition of product from logistics to the final destination, ensure availability of product on time and represent our expertise & experience in the business. Our experienced and professional management work hard to strengthen & improve the following activities.


We adopt all good management practices that are required in the management of stocktaking and warehousing. Our warehouses are equipped with Steel racks, Fire extinguishers, Temperature monitoring instruments, Pest killer instruments, Smoke detectors, Fire alarming system, AC & refrigerators, CCTV cameras and other necessary supplements. Our warehouses cover a wide range of area and have a separate packing room facility. We are continuously improved our warehouses to cope with up gradation made in standards. Despite these our warehouses are strictly monitored by Regulatory Affair Officer (Pharm-D) as per their schedule to ensure that provisions of good management practices are complied with.


We are proudly to say that we continuously achieve our sales target and fulfill the increasing demands of market. Our highly experienced and competent sales force put their high efforts & capabilities to achieve sales targets assigned to them. We ensure product availability when, where and as needed. We have developed a good relationship in the market. Our vehicles are equipped with cooling facility that maintain the temperature require for vaccines and lifesaving drugs and also ensure safety with transportation, distribution and storage.


We use server based multiuser Oracle data base software that simplified business processes, channelized, automated & secure business data, connected head office with branches, connected our management with the market through SMS facility and feedback, and connected management with our Partner/Client. Despite these our IT infrastructure provides a wide range of useful information that enables strategic decision making, financial analysis and ensure competitive advantage.

We use advance biometric system that enhance efficiency and effectiveness in payroll system and install CCTV cameras across the premises that secure our environment by reducing the risk of theft & avoid other unethical or illegal activities.


Azaday Khan

Azaday Khan

Managing Director


Muhammad Ijaz Khan

Assistant Director

Roshan Diyar

Roshan Diyar

General Manager

Abbas Mastan

Abbas Mastan

Operational Manager


We focus on business to business trade of pharmaceuticals and medical products. We are committed to achieve long term business relationships based on our high standards of service and competitive terms.

140 + Employees
95 % Satisfaction
99 + Coverage
99 Rattings